• Damaris the Muse

Being Vulnerable Is A SUPERpower

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

It is only when we are open, humble, raw and surrendered that true Mirales can occur in our life. If we cannot dive deep within ourselves we will not be able to have fulfilling relationships, either... for intimacy (into-me-see) is required to deeply connect with another human being.

Vulnerability also tends to trigger more compassion in others vs defensiveness when conflict may arise, so it relieves tension by approaching another with sincerity, bringing real communication and understanding.

There are countless benefits to releasing the limiting patterns that keep us in the restrictive ego, which is an entanglement of conditioned beliefs and control mechanisms which are detrimental to our own evolution. All these false layers of self can be healed and transcended during meditation, holistic practices, and any healing modalities that truly resonate.

The ultimate goal is liberation, peace and Self-realization as Soul and One with All.

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Thank You and Many Blessings,

~ Your Muse ॐ

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