Expressions of Gratitude are Demonstrations of Love

“Damaris is truly tuned into and tapped into Divine love and light. I was truly surprised by the amount of energy that was coming through me during my telephonic reading with Damaris. Also surprising was how accurate Damaris was in giving me messages and guidance that resonated EXACTLY with what I was going through at the time. Damaris is a clear, compassionate and open channel who speaks from the higher realms directly to your heart, without distorting the message with her own personal views. Her presence is warm, loving and supportive, and the energy that is coming through her creates the possibility of awakening and healing for you in every moment. I highly recommend treating yourself to a telephonic reading with Damaris".  
-Jeffrey Deen,  
Drumming for Wellness, Inc.

"Dear Damaris 
My sessions with you were moments of grace.. 
When you opened up my Akashic records it was very helpful for me as it gave me clarity on relationships in my life that were mysteries to me. I was able to disconnect, see them and see me and realize all is well. 
Thank you for helping me gain my space again. 
I have had many massages in my life but yours was truly unique. 
Firstly, you did not speak. This means so much to me as we could connect on a deeper level. 
I know that conversations during a massage cause disruptions to the ways spirit can move through us. But I felt spirit guiding and moving your hands over my muscles. 
The music that you played while your hands were massaging me was pure magic. 
Never have I had the connection with the music and the strokes of the masseuse’s hands become so united. That's what happened for me. 
You and the music became ONE and I was the recipient. I was in a cocoon of energy that was so elevating and had me relaxed and yet swirling with new sensations. When the music of the Bedouin people came on, ( that's what it sounded like to me), I had visions of snakes dancing across my back... When the music of Africa came on, I was sitting there at a ceremony while your hands were dancing around my back. 
For me it was so much more than a physical massage, It was a massage of my soul and spirit.. 
~Eileen Seitz, Fine Artist

"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."